ftw.simplelayout/mo/fix_sl_references_plone4 (#241833) test-javascript.cfg

  • Reverse commit removing IReferenceable in Plone4

    So that relation are saved to the relation catalog we need to have
    plone.app.referenceablebehavior.referenceable.IReferenceable installed in
    Plone4. We removed that by mistake and did only find out about now.

  • C7a06fb761d3135f9098fb2109de7d01?s=20&d=identicon  Matthias Osswald

Started by user ftwjenkinsjabber
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Failed to evaluate macro 'null'
Building remotely on slave1 in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout
[WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace...
[WS-CLEANUP] Deferred wipeout is used...
Allocating TCP port ZSERVER_PORT
  -> Assigned 33819
Allocating TCP port PORT1
  -> Assigned 37265
Allocating TCP port PORT2
  -> Assigned 41559
Allocating TCP port PORT3
  -> Assigned 37413
Allocating TCP port PORT4
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Allocating TCP port PORT5
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Allocating TCP port PORT6
  -> Assigned 33034
Allocating TCP port PORT7
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Allocating TCP port PORT8
  -> Assigned 44122
TCP port allocation complete
[ftw.simplelayout] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/jenkins1996479110157115791.sh
+ export CI=true
+ CI=true
+ '[' '!' -d ./.git ']'
+ git init
Initialized empty shared Git repository in /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout/.git/
+ git remote add origin git@github.com:4teamwork/ftw.simplelayout.git
+ git fetch --depth 10 -q origin
+ git reset -q --hard 5533a3a2cb9fee8748308e294d1735d38f11d026
+ '[' -f bin/cibuild ']'
+ /var/lib/jenkins/bin/jenkins-run.py test-javascript.cfg

+ ln -s test-javascript.cfg buildout.cfg

+ /usr/local/python/2.7.16/bin/python2.7 bootstrap.py
ez_setup.py is deprecated and when using it setuptools will be pinned to 33.1.1 since it's the last version that supports setuptools self upgrade/installation, check https://github.com/pypa/setuptools/issues/581 for more info; use pip to install setuptools
Downloading https://pypi.io/packages/source/s/setuptools/setuptools-33.1.1.zip
Extracting in /tmp/tmpN1kU9h
Now working in /tmp/tmpN1kU9h/setuptools-33.1.1
Building a Setuptools egg in /tmp/bootstrap-3g438U
warning: no files found matching '*' under directory 'setuptools/_vendor'
no previously-included directories found matching 'doc'
no previously-included directories found matching 'old-tutorial'
Creating directory '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout/bin'.
Creating directory '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout/parts'.
Creating directory '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout/develop-eggs'.
Generated script '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout/bin/buildout'.

+ bin/buildout -n -t 5
Setting socket time out to 5 seconds.
  setuptools version 41.0.1;
Generated script '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/ftw.simplelayout/bin/buildout'.
Setting socket time out to 5 seconds.
Unused options for buildout: 'jenkins_python'.
Installing test-javascript.
Installing test-jenkins.

+ bin/test-jenkins
Running "karma:ci" (karma) task
10 05 2019 09:55:55.161:INFO [framework.browserify]: bundle built
10 05 2019 09:55:55.178:INFO [karma]: Karma v1.3.0 server started at http://localhost:9876/
10 05 2019 09:55:55.178:INFO [launcher]: Launching browser PhantomJS with unlimited concurrency
10 05 2019 09:55:55.222:INFO [launcher]: Starting browser PhantomJS
10 05 2019 09:55:55.439:INFO [PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Linux 0.0.0)]: Connected on socket /#m-btJB2w88YmiRFBAAAA with id 65263079
PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Linux 0.0.0): Executed 74 of 74 SUCCESS (0.376 secs / 0.429 secs)

Notifying endpoint with url 'https://ci.4teamwork.ch/jenkins/notifications'
Started calculate disk usage of build
Finished Calculation of disk usage of build in 0 seconds
Started calculate disk usage of workspace
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[WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace...
[WS-CLEANUP] Deferred wipeout is used...
Finished: SUCCESS